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We are on a mission to empower and prepare African youths for a productive future.

This we seek to achieve by reaching young Nigerians through strategic awareness creation, whilst empowering them with the knowledge and skills to succeed, and linking them to opportunities for a productive future.

Today, 103 million youth worldwide lack basic literacy skills. A significant percentage of young people in this demographic are not aware of the opportunities that exist for them to secure a productive future. Through our strategic initiatives aimed at reaching youths with information, education and communication to inspire productivity, we are on a mission to change this trajectory. Some initiatives under this strategy includes: THE ZEBRA (our youth-focused magazine – a companion to youth on their journeys to self-actualization), The Route A Campus Tours/Career Talks, The Route A Clubs and The Community Outreaches.

The Zebra

We know growing up is NOT EASY, from the pressures of society to succeed, to the intimidation of more successful peers, to the fear of failure, or insecurities and self-doubt. It is easy to feel uninspired and ready to quit! You don’t have to anymore.

 ‘The Zebra’ – our youth-focused magazine is here to be your companion on your journey of self-actualization. Read stories of young people just like you, doing great things, learn how they did it and stay inspired to take control of your future, whilst being well entertained!

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Route A Campus Tours & Career Talks

It is important to identify potential in the early stages, this is why we are on a mission to ‘catch them young’. The Route A Campus Tours and Career Talks seek to bring knowledge, and awareness on the opportunities that exists for a productive future to the young person navigating self-identity and actualization.

Whilst the Campus Tours are targeted at students of tertiary institutions, the Career Talks are targeted at students in primary and secondary schools. The Route A Clubs are birthed following these engagement sessions to ensure continuity of this initiative.

Community Outreaches

We understand the need to take knowledge and opportunities to the grassroots. To this end, our Community Outreaches aim to reach the underserved communities and the disadvantaged youths with knowledge and information that will ignite the desire to achieve a truly productive future.

This initiative seeks to help the disadvantaged youth to realize their potential and find a path to achieve this potential fully.

On the journey to self-actualization, the value of education and skills development as a tool for reaching one’s full potential cannot be taken for granted. This is why we are on a mission to empower young people with valuable technical and vocational knowledge and skills to take them to new heights. Under this strategy, we are providing Free Training courses, Scholarships and School Donations to drive good, quality education in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Trainings & Certifications

Working with our certifiable partners, we provide training courses for youths in different specific areas. So, whether you want a career as a PROFESSIONAL, an ENTREPRENEUR or a CREATIVE, we have valuable courses for you that will enable you succeed in your chosen path to productivity.

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Every year, one out of three school children are out of school because of a lack of access to finance.

To bridge the financial gap between children out of school and access to education, we are partnering with key stakeholders in society to provide scholarships to out-of-school students who have strong potential in STEM fields and are keen on chasing an education in these fields.

School Donations

Today, many schools lack basic learning tools such as: text books, writing materials, laboratory equipment amongst others that facilitate quality education.

To bridge this gap, Route A is partnering with key stakeholders in society to provide learning tools to disadvantaged schools across the nation, through corporate and individual donations, and contribution drives.

It is estimated that 470 million jobs will be needed to absorb new entrants to the labor market between 2016 and 2030. To address this, we are partnering with key stakeholders in society to link young Nigerians with potential, to valuable opportunities that will ensure a productive future. This we seek to achieve through the following initiatives: The Route A Mentorship Programme, and The Route A Internship/Apprenticeship Programme.

Route A Mentorship Programme

This initiative is focused on linking young Nigerians with big aspirations for personal and career development, to young success stories who have found accomplishments in their chosen careers.

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Route A Internship/Apprenticeship Programme

This initiative is focused on linking young Nigerians with great potential, to internship and apprenticeship opportunities with leading organizations. This initiative will prepare the young generation for their chosen career paths.

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